Message of

Ms. Asiya Nasir, Chairperson Resilient Women Network


Greetings !

Resilient Women Network (RWN) is a Non-Government and Non-Profit Development Organization that aims at working towards the uplift of underprivileged communities of Pakistan. It firmly believes in adopting inclusive approach towards sustainable development by ensuring full participation of all segments of the society, without discrimination, at all stages of planning, decision and policy-making as well as at service delivery level. Thus, contributing towards provision of equal opportunities and accessibility to “everyone”, without discrimination, and encouraging them to become responsible productive citizens of the country remains the core objective of RWN.

On behalf of RWN, I welcome you to this website that has been launched to keep its visitors, including key stakeholders and policy makers, better informed about our work and activities. In this newly designed website, we will try to keep up the interest of our visitors by optimally sharing updates about the emerging issues and challenges within the relevant topical issues as well as about our work in this regard.

Given the natural interest of the people of Pakistan in their fundamental rights as guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan and establishing the environment of social cohesion, the RWN and FoRB, shall be keeping this website interactive on substantive points and observations regarding dynamics of this issue. In this way we would like to keep up with our readers and seek their support, guidance and inputs in order to better enable us in addressing these issues.  

Although the main purpose of RWN and FoRB is to promote and contribute towards social cohesion through emancipation of women belonging to marginalized segments of the society, this forum will also provide a niche to raise collective voice of the voiceless across the board.

Women issues, especially those belonging to religious and ethnic minorities, around the world are more or less the same and Pakistan is no exception. Their needs and concerns, therefore, have to be addressed by sensitized women and men representatives collectively as a joint responsibility. The issues have to be addressed in comprehensive manner.

To achieve our vision and mission, we organize dialogues, deliberate on topical issues, review and address gaps within existing legislation by commissioning gap analysis and propose recommendations based on our findings. We stand committed to address the issues collectively considering it a joint responsibility. For us, all legislation and policy making has to be gender and human rights responsive and the implementation of these laws, policies and plans are, therefore, also constantly monitored.

I hope that you will find this website useful to gain insight into the RWN’s work.

We look forward to your support in our efforts.  

With sincere thoughts,

Pakistan Zindabad !!