Regional Factfinding Visit Lahore

In this respect, RWN also organized several fact-finding visits was to have a close working relationship with provincial key political and religious leaders on forced conversion issues relating to Punjab. Over the years the situation of forced conversion in the province of Punjab has been a matter of great concern, and many underage girls have been victims of forced conversion. The figures show that 54.3pc of the victims (girls and women) belonged to the Regional Factfinding Visit Lahore Hindu community, 44.44pc Christian while 0.62 pc belonged to the Sikh and Kalash communities. FoRBLN very recently signed an MoU with the PIPS to jointly organized some sessions at PIPS in the year 2022.PIPS and FoRB are confident that this partnership will have a greater impact to pursue the objective of FoRB in Pakistan at the national level. PIPS is a think tank, a body of national Assembly facilitating dialogues at its premises.FoRB in collaboration with PIPS organized a session on the subject of forced conversion/underage marriages.

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