A few words about

What We Do

Our projects

Elevate and Educate the underprivileged communities as equal citizens of Pakistan

Our Objectives

  • To promote self-help initiatives and nurture the growth of stakeholders.
  • To facilitate a program approach prioritizing Health, Livelihood, Education, Capacity Building, Crisis Management, and Protection of the Environment.
  • To Highlight the cross-cutting themes of gender, human rights, peacebuilding, and transitional justice and advocacy.

Basic Principles

  • Equal and equitable participation in decision-making of all the stakeholders ensuring marginalized groups at the grassroots level irrespective of caste, color, creed, gender, and religion eliminating all forms of discrimination.
  • Promote the communities through their participation and create a sense of ownership.
  • Develop the capacity for sustainable development that leads to self-reliance and self-decision.

Core Values

  • Dignity, Respect, and sensitivity
  • United efforts with teamwork, mutual co-operation, and sharing.
  • Equality and inclusion regardless of gender, ethnic group, or other social divisions
  • Honesty and transparency in our intentions and activities.
  • Quality service to our beneficiaries.
  • Respect for our heritage.

Our Target Group

  • Extremely vulnerable individuals and groups including, minorities, underprivileged and marginalized community groups.
  • Women, youth, children, transgender and disabled.