Regional FoRBLN visit Lahore

The Coordinator FoRBLN visited Lahore along with FoRB team on 26TH of October. The coordinator FoRBLN and team held a wide range of meetings with provincial MPs, representing all political parties and social activits. The main highlights of the Lahore visit were that FoRB team was able to have meetings with the Governor of Punjab office, and with a number of parliamentarians. The main purpose of the Lahore visit was to take provincial political leadership on board on the issues of women’s rights, child rights, forced conversion, and minority rights, and also to know what measures or steps have been taken by the respective provincial government. In this respect, coordinator FoRBLN held a meeting at Flatti’s hotel with provincial political leadership. there were eleven (11) women parliamentarians who were present in the meeting and one male MP. Other than MPs there were a number of social activists and heads of local organizations who participated in this meeting. A wide range of issues came under discussion, the coordinator urged the respected MPs to work through the provincial women parliamentary caucus which is a great platform inside the parliament. She suggested that through women parliamentary caucus, there is a huge scope of working with other parliamentarians inside the parliament on the issues which are seen to be threat to social cohesion and social harmony. FoRB team shared the achievement with the respected MPs, the coordinator appraised the MPs about the wider network that is playing a very effective role across Pakistan. she shared that they got good support from likeminded people across Pakistan, and the coordinator expressed her desire to work inside the parliament by operationalizing the women caucuses. All the parliamentarians assured full support and reiterated to work with FoRBLN Pakistan on the issues they discussed. The respected MPs shared the kind of steps the provincial government has taken on these issues, and shared that they are urging the government that the following existing law that needs to be implemented in true spirit: The Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill (2009) The Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Act (2010) The Protection Against Harassment of Women in the Workplace Act (2010) The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act (2010) Coordinator FoRB Mrs. Asiya Nasir reiterated that as women parliamentarians, we will continue to strive to reform political, economic, social, and cultural spheres to create ones that support women and do not suppress them. she thanked all the MPs for their precious time and contribution to this visit. she appreciated the efforts of respective MPs. The coordinator also shared the details of the upcoming women’s parliamentary caucus conference. The second meeting of the Lahore visit was held with the Governor of Punjab. Mrs. Asiya Nasir introduced her team to the governor and brief introduction to FoRB. The respected Governor appreciated the efforts of the FoRB team and offered his role in achieving the goal set out in the FoRB framework. He very clearly told the FoRB team that he is accessible to work with FoRB and will help in accessing the provincial government institutions, MPs, and access inside the parliament. The coordinator FoRBLN thanked the respected governor and pledge to work with his office on these issues which are faced by minorities. FoRB team thanked the honorable Governor for sharing his views on the issues which came under discussion, and his support in facilitating FoRB dialogue in the province of Punjab… The Lahore visit in terms of political networking was excellent. it will help further in engaging with the provincial government in the future. All the MPs promised to take part in upcoming Women parliamentarian conference.

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